Which hotel is the best? Chateau Elan Spa

Chateaux Elan is a boutique hotel on the outskirts of Paris.

While it’s in the midst of a renovation, guests will be treated to an exclusive chateaux that has been preserved in a glass-walled, glass-roofed room.

The decor is chic and modern, with bright, modern tile floors, polished concrete, and stainless steel fittings.

This is an incredibly beautiful hotel, and the room is incredibly spacious.

Rooms range from $50-$100 per night, and prices are in line with other high-end hotels in Paris.

Chateauneuf-du-Pape The former home of the iconic restaurant Le Bernardin, the Chateaus du Pape offers a great meal at a reasonable price.

You can get a meal for just $35 for a meal, and they’ve got an entire breakfast menu for you to choose from.

The main course is served with a combination of traditional French and Italian dishes, but there are also vegetarian options as well.

The room is comfortable and well-appointed, and there’s a full bar downstairs, as well as the lounge, dining room, and bar area.

There are plenty of options for the less well-off.

The best deal is to stay for just two nights at Chateachouel, a boutique resort, which offers a beautiful beachside location and is on the famous Champs Elysees.

Prices range from €85 per night to €110 per night.

Château de Ville The Châtes de Villes is a charming French-Italian villa with a tranquil, quiet atmosphere.

You’ll be staying in one of the villas’ two suites.

Each suite offers a private balcony overlooking the lake, and is fully furnished with all the modern conveniences you’ll need.

The Chateeux-Ville is located at the eastern edge of Paris and features a fantastic view of the city.

Rooms start at €100 per person per night and can easily be booked online.

Chablis Hotel A luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of the ancient town of Chablises, Chablisa offers guests the option of staying in a comfortable and charming home.

There’s a wonderful view of downtown Paris and the famous Arc de Triomphe, with a great restaurant nearby.

There is also a fantastic breakfast bar, and if you have a large group, the hotel offers two separate groups of three to five people per room, which can be booked onsite or online.

The suites come in all shapes and sizes, and all are equipped with an indoor swimming pool and a private terrace.

The rooms range from £110 per person to £130 per person, and will accommodate up to four guests per room.

Champs de Paris The Champs des Princes is a beautiful, historic hotel on St. Germain Boulevard.

The Hotel Champs is a lovely, modern boutique hotel with a contemporary and contemporary vibe.

There have been a few changes to the hotel recently, and now they’re back in the original design of their old incarnation, which is a gorgeous hotel with beautiful architecture and a romantic setting.

The hotel offers a range of rooms, including a private rooftop terrace, which overlooks the Champs and the Arc de Très.

Rooms can be rented for €150 per night or €165 per night for groups of five people, and include a complimentary meal.

Rooms are also available onsite and in the lounge.


Chabrol is located on a quiet street in the center of Paris, and boasts a spectacular location on the boulevard of grand boulevards.

It’s one of Europe’s most iconic landmarks, and has a number of unique touches, including the Chabral statue of Henri Matisse, which was installed by the architect.

The lobby has a unique contemporary feel with the original stone and marble staircase and a huge staircase leading to a huge marble fireplace.

Rooms come in a range from around €80 per night in the suite suites to €120 per night per person.

The dining room is on a beautiful rooftop overlooking the Châleaux du Pré and a terrace overlooking the city of Paris from the roof.

The chateaus are also decorated with a very chic contemporary décor and are a great place to relax with a view of St. Michel and the Eiffel Tower.

Rooms in Chabrora range from about €80 to €140 per night each, and are available on site or online, or you can book online.

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