Why is the media ignoring President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia?

President Donald Trumps decision to take Russian President Vladimir Putin out of a joint press conference has ignited outrage in Washington.

The move prompted an outcry from Democrats, who argue the president is exploiting a crisis to advance his agenda.

Trump said Putin’s words had been taken out of context and accused him of “trying to divide” the United States, according to a transcript.

Trump was joined at the news conference by Vice President Mike Pence and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Pence, the vice president, said Russia has done everything it can to disrupt peace and security in Europe.

Mattis said Russia’s actions have hurt the United Kingdom, which is also at odds with Russia on NATO.

He also said that Trump is “a realist” who wants to improve relations between the two countries.

He called the president’s decision to have the Russian leader speak at the press conference “a mistake” that “must be corrected.”

The White House also released a statement from the office of Vice President Pence calling it “unfortunate” the president made the move.

It said he was not “confronting” the situation in Russia, but was instead “seeking to strengthen our bilateral relations.”

The statement said the administration believes that Russia is “continuing to escalate” its actions, including the annexation of Crimea and attacks on the Ukrainian military.

Pence’s comments followed a call from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for the U.S. to “stop interfering in Ukraine and to cease any attacks on our sovereign territory.”

Lavrov called for the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions on Russia.

The White Senate’s statement did not specifically say what action the president has taken or if the United State has taken it.

However, the statement said, “we are now calling on the Russian government to reverse its actions in Ukraine.”

It did not mention whether he has sought to withdraw the United Nation sanctions, which are based on the Security Council resolution.

Trump on Tuesday announced the U,S.

military had expanded a $150 million loan program for Ukraine, as well as $10 million in military aid to help the Ukrainian armed forces.

The president also announced a new economic sanctions package that targets individuals and entities that violate the nuclear deal with Iran.

The sanctions will apply to the people of Russia and those who support it.

It does not include individuals who have been involved in human rights abuses, including those linked to Russia’s war in Chechnya.

Trump is also expected to sign the sanctions against Ukraine in coming days, according, a senior administration official said.

The statement from Vice President Michael Pence also criticized the Russian president for accusing the U of “hurting our great people” and of threatening to “cut off the head of our great nation.”

Trump has long claimed that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine destabilized the region.

“It was a big mistake,” Trump said in May, “by a guy that I know.

He was so good at what he did, it’s like he was a good friend of mine.”

He added, “They should have never annexed Crimea.

He should have stayed out of it.”

The president has called Putin a “killer” and said he would be a better president if he had defeated his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Trump also claimed in his May debate that the U has been “spying on our friends and our enemies.”

Pence’s statement also called for Russia to “change its behavior” and to stop the violence in Ukraine.

The U.N. Security Council on Monday adopted a resolution imposing sanctions on the leaders of the separatist separatist government in eastern Ukraine, including Russia.

On Tuesday, Russia’s foreign ministry called the sanctions “a grave violation of the international law and international norms” and called on the United Sates and other countries to veto the resolution.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied involvement in the unrest in eastern regions of Ukraine, which have been in a civil war since 2014.

The Security Council vote came days after the European Union and several other countries signed an association agreement with Ukraine.

Both the European Parliament and European Council have also backed the deal.

The EU, along with Russia, said it was the first step toward establishing a formal trade relationship with Ukraine, while the U., EU, U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy all urged Russia to withdraw from the deal, as required by the Association Agreement.

The deal requires the European Council and EU member states to maintain sanctions on Moscow if it does not comply with their demands.

It also requires them to review the agreement every six months.

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