New York City spa to offer ‘real spa’ to customers

New York (AP) — A new spa will be open in the New York city borough of Manhattan that caters to New Yorkers who want to experience the spa at home.

The owners of New York’s L’Enfant Spa said on Tuesday they had secured a $500,000 investment from a New York state pension fund to open the $2.9 million facility in the borough, where residents can shop, get haircuts and manicures, and take showers.

The L’Effert Spa in the Bronx is one of a growing number of New Yorkers to opt for spa services that are closer to home, but with the added benefit of being more affordable.

The owner, James R. Lantz, told The Associated Press that his spa is opening to the public for the first time and will offer the same “authentic spa” experience.

Lantz has said he was inspired to create the L’Escort Spa in 2009 when he heard about a similar facility in London.

L’Escorts in the U.K. has over 400 spa and salon locations, while L’ Enfant has over 700, according to its website.

Lanz said the new facility will have a smaller size, but will be larger and more modern than the one he started in New York, which is about an hour’s drive from the city.

The location in the city’s West Village is a few blocks from the home of one of Lantz’s best-known clients, the late actor and actor-director James Mason.

Mason died last week of a heart attack, but Lantz said the L.E. Spa will remain open and will continue to cater to its clients.

“This is a very exciting project for us, and we’re thrilled to be bringing this world-class service to New York,” Lantz told the AP.

Lenz said the staff will include local and international doctors and nurses, and the owners are also aiming to open a boutique in the area.

Lincoln Square will be the location of the L E. Spa, which has an entrance for up to five people.

It is also home to the Lamps, a spa and hair salon.

Lamps is also open for business on weekends, Lantz confirmed.

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