‘The most beautiful place in the world’: Jerusalem spa’s diamond nail spa opens to visitors

A new salon for diamond nail polish lovers in the Old City, in the center of the historic Old City neighborhood of Jerusalem, opened this week.

The salon, known as the “Diamond Spa,” is a joint venture between the Jerusalem Spa Association and a private clientele.

The group plans to expand its salon and will offer additional services and services to the community in the future, said the owner of the salon, Atef Shlomi, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the issue.

Shlomis father, Rabbi Yosef, is a longtime resident of the neighborhood and is well-known for his manicures.

“We wanted to provide a salon for people from the Old Town who have a passion for the craft, as well as for those who have never visited the area,” Shloms father said.

“The salon is like an oasis.

We will not close the door, and we will open the doors,” Shls father said, adding that the salon will open from Wednesday until Monday.

According to the salon’s Facebook page, the salon opened to guests who are new to the area and who want to take advantage of the beauty salon services offered.

“This is a very special place for me and my family,” said Shlomo, who lives in an old building on the corner of Old City and Mount Herzl roads, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

“I feel like the first time I was here, I fell in love with this place.”

According to Shloman, the Diamond Spa is part of the larger salon chain, known in the area as Diamond Salon, founded in 2015.

The company has several other shops and restaurants in the neighborhood, and Shloma said he hopes to expand into other neighborhoods in the coming years.

According, to the Jerusalem Tourism Authority, about 40 percent of the area’s population is foreign, and more than 30 percent are under 30.

The Old City has a large number of Jewish residents, who tend to live in more conservative neighborhoods.

The Jewish residents in the region tend to be the ones who have lived there for generations, and those who do not often venture out of the city.

The number of foreign-born residents has increased in recent years.

Shlomim told The Jerusalem News that he hopes the new salon will offer customers the opportunity to make their mark.

“I hope it will help me to open up a business here in the town,” he said.

The salon, which is located near the Temple Mount, was inaugurated in March and opened its doors to guests last week.

Shomim said that he has received many requests for manicures and hair styling services from guests.

“All the customers came in, all the clients came, all were very happy and were very satisfied with their experience,” he told The Times of Israel.

“They wanted to know more, they wanted to learn more, and they were happy to hear about the salon,” he added.

Shalom said that since opening the salon in January, there has been a positive response from both visitors and residents.

“It’s been very positive.

People come here because they are interested in our salon and want to learn the art of the craft,” he explained.

“The salon itself is a great experience, and it helps the people who visit us to understand that there are many people like them and that there is a salon here for them.”

Shlomi said that the diamond nail salon was established as a response to a need for manicure services in the areas of the Old Downtown and Temple Mount.

“Our aim is to open a salon in the Temple of Solomon in the heart of Old Jerusalem, which will help to attract more visitors to the Old Capital,” he claimed.

Shlamom added that the Diamond Salon has the blessing of the City of Jerusalem.

“It’s a very strong sign of the strength of the capital, which has been the reason for its growth for so many years,” he noted.

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