When a spa’s toxic chemical spill led to a hospital crisis

Denver, CO — — When a spa has the potential to kill someone, the only thing that stops it from happening is a thorough, clean and effective cleanup.

But when it happens, the spa can become a source of disaster.

The National Toxicology Program in Denver, Colo., recently identified six facilities that have been at risk of a spill that occurred after a chemical spill at a spa, causing an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease.

According to the NTP, the first case of Legionella illness in Denver occurred in February of this year.

The spa where the contamination occurred was in the city’s north side.

The outbreak was reported to state health officials.

The spa was closed until the contamination was cleaned up.

The first symptoms of Legionnaire’s occurred within two days of the spill.

It was reported as mild to moderate symptoms, but it progressed to the stage of severe illness.

The first case was traced to a water dispensing machine at the spa.

A second case was reported a week later.

That case was linked to a cleaning system that contained a highly toxic substance.

The third case was a spa worker, identified as a cleaner, who developed symptoms after coming into contact with a water bottle containing the toxic chemical.

The fourth case was an employee of the spa who reported symptoms three days after coming in contact with contaminated water.

The employee reported that the contaminated water was coming from a tank that had been filled with water from a nearby river.

According a spokesperson for the NPDP, the spill occurred in a water treatment plant, which is responsible for distributing water to residents of Denver and surrounding communities.

The NTP said the plant was in good condition, but no employees were sickened.

It said the water was safe to drink.NPDP spokesman Mark Johnson said the contamination will be investigated to determine whether any workers were exposed.

The facility, which was identified as the spa, has been closed since February.

Johnson said the spa’s water has been cleaned and there is no danger to the public.

He said the company is working with the state to ensure that the contamination is cleaned up and that all water samples are returned.

Johnson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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