Alyssa Kohn Spa and Aquatics has a $20 million loss after the company went bankrupt

Alyssah Kohn spa and aquatics has been sued by its former owner, who alleges the company was insolvent and that the spa’s former owners “did not pay” rent.

Kohn has been accused of running a business that was a front for her prostitution business and selling stolen jewelry.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. on Thursday.

The plaintiffs allege Kohn ran a prostitution ring that netted more than $20,000 a month, a violation of federal law.

The suit alleges that Kohn used a fake address and forged a $200,000 credit card on a personal check, which was then used to purchase luxury spa services and other goods.

The complaint alleges that the defendants in the ring used stolen credit cards and other fraudulent methods to purchase the goods, including a $100,000 spa, a $30,000 home theater system, a gold ring and a $50,000 diamond.

The spa and aquariums closed in April.

The defendants were indicted on multiple counts, including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and they face a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

Alyssia Kohn, pictured in July 2017, has been indicted on numerous counts.

The alleged ringleader, identified in court documents as “Paul” and “Dylan” allegedly worked for Kohn’s “Paul and Dylan” business and sold stolen jewelry, including an estimated $20K diamond.

In the suit, the plaintiffs allege that Kolkowski’s business had become a criminal enterprise.

According to the lawsuit, Kohn had a “business relationship” with Paul and Dylan, who sold jewelry stolen from their businesses and from other victims of prostitution, and that she used their fraudulent credit cards to purchase a $150,000 “paintings and furniture suite” at a spa in Florida.

The resort was supposed to be the only “Paul & Dylan” location in the world.

The suits claims that Kukowski also sold jewelry to clients in the resort, including two former clients who claimed they had been sexually assaulted by “Paul.”

According to court documents, Kukowskowski had an “unauthorized relationship” between Paul and “Paul,” and that “Paul was the primary ringleader and that Paul was involved in all the prostitution ring activity at the resort.”

The complaint says that the alleged ringleaders “had an extensive and lucrative criminal history” and that Kohler and Kohn “provided the defendants with an array of fraudulent goods, money, and services.”

The defendants also allegedly used Kohn to pay off “Paul’s and Dylan’s personal debts,” according to the complaint.

Kohlers credit card was used to make purchases at “paints and furniture suites” at the spa, the complaint states.

The defendant “Paul had a long history of involvement with and money laundering for criminal enterprises and narcotics trafficking,” the lawsuit states.

According a previous complaint, Kohleds credit card also had been used to buy jewelry, watches, and a gold-pressed lathe at the “Paul, Dylan, and Dylan Spa” spa.

The claims were filed by a group of former clients against Kohn and her business.

The attorneys for the spa and its owners did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Kolkowsker was arrested in June 2016 and charged with prostitution, wire fraud and racketeering.

The women who were allegedly raped by Kohn are named in a lawsuit filed in July 2016.

Kukols lawsuit alleges that she knew her alleged victims were “sexually and physically assaulted and raped by Defendant Paul and that Defendant Dylan was also involved in such acts and that Defendants were aware of Defendant Paul’s and Defendant Dylan’s criminal conduct and that they knew that Defendant Paul would not be held accountable for these crimes,” according the lawsuit.

“Defendant Kohn provided Defendant Dylan with a fraudulent credit card, forged checks, and forged personal checks, to which Defendant Dylan and Paul used the fraudulent credit and personal checks to purchase expensive luxury spa and home theater systems and jewelry and other items at Defendant Pauls and Dylans resorts, which Defendant Kohn knew were fraudulent,” the complaint reads.


The lawyers who filed the lawsuit against Kohlin-Kohn allege in the complaint that “the plaintiffs failed to file suit timely, failed to provide sufficient documentation, failed in their initial motion to dismiss, failed repeatedly to show that the plaintiffs had not been harmed by Defendants actions,” and “failed to show any injury in the plaintiffs’ conduct, the defendants’ conduct of the defendants, or any harm that may have been caused to

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