How to avoid a winter blues at Glen Ivy spa

You’ve been warned about the cold, damp and damp in winter: the chill.

That’s no accident, as the area is renowned for its chill.

But this year, there’s another reason to avoid the cold: your skin.

Glen Ivy spa is famous for its cold-weather treatment, so why not treat your skin with a little frost?

It is not only the cold itself that will benefit from the treatment.

The cooling effect of the warm water will also help your skin get the most out of the treatment, according to the spa’s owners, Dr David Woodhouse and Mrs Helen Woodhouse.

“We believe that the treatment will help to prevent any further damage to your skin from the elements,” they said. 

A few tips to make it workYou should treat your face with a warm bath to remove dead skin and help to moisturise the skin around your eyes and ears. 

The spa is also famous for a specially designed gel bath for the cold and wet winter months. 

Dr Woodhouse said the gel bath was a favourite for those looking to remove any skin problems they might be having and for those who are experiencing an outbreak of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

“The gel bath helps to create a natural barrier for the skin to breath and maintain normal skin moisture levels, which is vital to keeping your skin healthy,” he said.

You can soak in the warm, cooling water for around 20 minutes and apply the gel treatment at your feet to remove dirt, grime and debris from your skin and hair. 

“It’s very effective at preventing the formation of blackheads and lice, which are common conditions in winter, and helps to moisturize your skin,” Dr Woodhouse added. 

You can also try the gel on your face, but again, Dr Woodfield advised not to apply directly to the skin. 

When you do, avoid the excess water and apply more gel at the front of your face. 

If you’re not up to the task, you can also treat your forehead with a moisturiser and apply it at the back of your neck to prevent a cold or allergy attack. 

What to do when you feel the coldDr Woodhouses advise that the most effective treatment is to treat your head and neck with a hot bath, which he said should be used as early as you feel you are starting to feel the chill in the area. 

Avoid putting the hot water directly on your skin, instead use the gel at your back to help to keep the skin moisturised. 

After you’ve used the gel for around five minutes, take a shower to remove the excess moisture and then use a towel to rinse your face to remove excess oils and dirt. 

Use the gel as a moisturizer to help keep your skin moisturized.

“It’s important to be gentle and treat the area with a gentle hand and let the water gently soak into your skin so it doesn’t clog your pores,” Dr Woods said.

“We also recommend using a face wash or a cotton pad on the towel to clean off the excess oil and dirt.” 

The gel treatment is also effective for preventing sun damage, as it will soften the skin and make it less susceptible to sun damage.

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