Kids Spa Party Packages Available in Calgary

Kids Spa Parties and Gift Card Deals for 2018!

Here are some of the most popular Kids Spa party packages available in Calgary!

Visit our new Kids Spa Package Deals section for more deals and to book!

Children’s spa party packages are great for kids of all ages, but they’re a great way to spend a lot of money for kids!

Kids Spa parties are one of the easiest and most fun ways to spend money for a family.

Kids Spa packages are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, and more!

Children can spend $2,000 per day, while adults can spend as little as $200 per day!

Childrens Spa Party Package Prices Kids Spa Pricing Child’s Spa Price $1,299 Child’s Bath Spa Price 1,899 Child’s Gift Card Price $199 Childrens Gift Card Package $249 Kids Spa $2 and up $50-$100 per day $50 per day – $100 per month $100 and up Free Childrens Fitness Activity, Dance, Yoga, and Sports Activity, and $25 Fitness Activity and Dance Therapy, plus one FREE Kids Spa Fitness Activity!

FREE Childrens Yoga Session, plus a FREE Fitness Activity.

Childrens Birthday Parties, birthday parties are great places to spend your money, and this year you can celebrate with the most fun parties!

Children enjoy spending money on their birthday parties and can’t wait to spend even more with this special Kids Spa package!

Kids can spend up to $500 per day on a kids spa party package.

This includes a spa party and spa day packages!

This package also includes a Kids Spa Gift Card and Spa Day Package!

This is a great kids party package that has kids of any age and is perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, corporate event, or more!

Kids spa packages are one-of-a-kind deals!

Kids are more than just kids.

Kids love spending money and enjoy the excitement of a spa!

Children love spending time with their parents and grandparents, and spending $2.99 per day with a kids Spa Party is a good deal for kids.

It’s an awesome opportunity to have fun for a short time.

Kids can enjoy the spa experience for free with a Kids spa party or spa day package!

The Spa Package can also include a Kids Bath Spa, or a Kids Fitness Activity or Dance Therapy session.

Children can also use a Spa Party as an opportunity to make friends with their friends.

Children enjoy having fun and spending money with their spa party!

Kids get to go on their own spa day!

Kids will enjoy going on their very own spa trip with a Spa Package, which includes a Spa Day Party, a Spa Bath Spa Day, and a Spa Spa Party.

Kids get unlimited spa time, a spa bath, and spa baths for only $1.99/day!

Kids stay at a Kids home spa for the full day, plus spa treatment, plus the kids can take part in a spa dance class!

Kids and their parents can share in the fun and get a spa day or a spa vacation, plus they can share their own private bath time!

Kids love to spend time at the Kids Spa!

It’s the perfect opportunity to spend $4.99 for a children spa party.

Kids will spend the full afternoon at the Children Spa, including the Kids bath time, plus all of the activities and activities for kids that will be included in the Kids spa day, spa session, and Spa day package.

The kids spa package includes the Spa Day package, plus another spa day and a spa session for only one extra night.

There is also a free Kids Fitness activity.

Kids have the freedom to go out for a free bath at the children’s home spa.

Kids enjoy spa time with family and friends, and there is no limit to the amount of fun kids can have together!

Kids enjoy spending a day at the kids spa!

You’ll love it!

Kids have unlimited spa day.

Kids and parents can have a fun spa day together!

Visit the Kids’ Spa Day Event page to learn more about this exciting event!

Kids don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to see some of Alberta’s best private baths.

A Kids Spa Day Spa Party will include the spa and a Kids bath day for only three extra nights.

The Children Spa Day includes a bath for the entire day plus the spa treatments, a free spa workout, and the spa activity.

The spa day includes a free kids activity, plus an activity for a group of kids, plus more activities for the whole family.

This is the perfect way to celebrate the birthdays, birthday, or other special holidays!

Kids spend $500 for a full day of spa treatment!

A Spa Day is a special event for kids to spend the day at a spa with their family and their friends!

A Kids Day Spa Day will include a full spa treatment and spa activities, plus free spa time and spa bath for a one-night

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