‘They’ve lost the plot’: How the ‘Infinity Laser Spa’ was a fraud

Infinity Laser spa in Dallas, Texas, was the epicenter of a massive fraud.

The spa was supposed to have installed a system that would enable clients to scan a laser pointer and see what they want for free.

Instead, the company claimed to have created an entirely new product with a different name.

The company was ordered to pay a $25 million penalty.

A federal judge agreed, and ordered the company to pay $5.2 million in back taxes.

But the scam was far from over.

The investigation uncovered more than $50 million in fraudulent business practices at the spa and more than 50 other companies across the US.

Read moreRead moreThe FBI investigation began in January 2018 after a tip from a former employee.

A review by the New York attorney general’s office found that the company had paid more than a million dollars in back tax to the US government and had lost $15 million on business since the start of 2017.

But in the weeks that followed, the FBI’s investigation turned up dozens of other companies who had used the same technology to sell bogus treatments and services.

The US attorney’s office also said that a US government employee who worked for the company was in fact a former client and paid millions of dollars in fees.

The FBI also obtained the financial records of dozens of alleged customers.

The case was one of dozens brought by the government against companies and individuals involved in a wide array of schemes, including the infamous “Honey Badger” scheme.

In the case of the Infinity Laser Spa, the federal government says that it has found more than 1,400 businesses, including dozens of individual clients, that used similar technology to charge people millions of US dollars for treatments.

In many cases, the government alleges that customers paid fees to companies that were actually unrelated to the treatment or service.

For example, one company, Infinity Laser, claims that it can help patients with asthma and other respiratory conditions by scanning their eyes.

The product is marketed as a solution to their chronic lung disease, but the FBI says that the same company’s own claims of the technology are fraudulent.

For the most part, the devices used to scan people’s eyes were designed by a company called Eyescan Technologies Inc, which has offices in Canada and the US, the New Yorker reported in 2018.

It claims to have invented the technology after it was called in to help a woman who suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

In one instance, the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Florida said that Eyescan made a deal with a woman named “Patricia,” who was not Patricia.

The government alleges, according to court documents, that the woman signed an agreement in which Eyescan promised to send her a laser that would let her see a laser-generated image of her eyes.

Patricia claimed that she wanted the laser to be able to scan her eyeballs, but when the government learned that it was not possible, the woman called Eyescans company and said she would not be able.

The federal government also alleges that Eyescams “coup” on its customers.

It says that a woman called “Patti” received a “free” laser scan from Eyescan and billed the company for the services, which cost her $7.75.

When the FBI learned that the laser scan was a scam, the department sent a letter to Eyescan demanding a refund and other fees.

A representative of Eyescan denied the allegations and said that it had done nothing wrong.

In another case, the feds say that a customer named “Elizabeth” received an “unwanted” laser test from Eyescreens “therapy” facility, but Elizabeth claimed that the person who sent her the laser test had never visited Eyescas office.

The feds say Elizabeth also sent Eyesca’s billing statements to the FBI, which determined that Elizabeth was a “potential fraud victim”.

Elizabeth filed a complaint with the federal fraud task force.

The complaint stated that EyeScan had billed Elizabeth $25,000 for “laser eye scans.”

The feds also allege that Eye Scan had billed the customer for “electro-dermal” treatments and that the customer had signed an “insurance policy” for the laser scans.

Elizabeth also alleged that the “lasers” she received did not work, according a statement from the company.

The Department of Justice said in a statement that Eye scan did not have to be upfront about the charges, which it said the company could have settled with Elizabeth by providing a list of “reasonable and reasonable” fees.

Eyescan is appealing the charges.

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Read moreRelated stories from the Washington Post:The following is a list, as of July 20, 2018, of the cases the FBI has brought against entities involved in alleged fraud at companies in the US and abroad.

The Bureau is unable to respond to specific cases.

For cases that have been resolved

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