When does it go into effect?

The state of Arizona is in the midst of one of its most contentious water wars ever.

The Arizona Water and Power Authority is fighting to save its prized “green” water from being shut off because of climate change, and environmentalists are rallying against it.

The fight is being led by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club, and the Arizona Water Resources Department (AWRD) is fighting back.

In a statement, the AWRD said, “Our community has been served with a notice that the water supply will be shut down on June 30 and we need to do everything possible to restore our water supplies to full flow.”

The utility, which operates two plants, said in a statement that it is “disappointed and disappointed” by the utility’s response to the threat of the state shutting off the water, which is the only source of drinking water in the state.AWRD President and CEO Steve Hillman said the utility has been fighting this fight for years, and he believes the agency “should not be fighting water rights.”

He said, “[The utility] should be fighting the climate and fighting the human rights of people to have clean water, and it’s very disappointing that they’re trying to push this on us.”

He added, “They’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which they’re doing to protect our water and our families.

It’s a disgrace.”

Arizona, which has been battling a drought for more than a decade, has seen temperatures drop as well.

The state is now in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave, with temperatures topping 100 degrees in some areas.

The governor has asked the Legislature to take action, but legislators have failed to do so.

Arizona’s water board said it would be “appropriate” to impose fines and penalties on the utility, but lawmakers have failed in recent weeks to act.

The water board, however, said it was “not at all concerned” about the utility and would work with the governor to “address the issue.”AWRD also has taken aim at the EPA for its handling of the threat posed by climate change.

The EPA has said it has no plans to regulate carbon emissions from the electricity sector.

The utility has also accused the agency of failing to address concerns about water quality.

The agency has warned the utility that it may have to shut off its water supply if it fails to comply with a new state law that requires it to do the same.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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