Which cities are the most attractive to Israeli tourists?

An interactive map from the Jerusalem Post shows which cities are most attractive for Israelis visiting Israel.

The paper’s report on the most desirable cities in Israel is based on a ranking of the top 100 destinations in the country.

Among the top 50 destinations in Israel are Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramat Gan, Haifa, Ramallah, Jaffa, Tel Aviv University and the West Bank.

The most popular destinations are Haifa (the capital), Jerusalem (the city of worship) and Ramat Tamim in the West, and the Jerusalem Temple Mount in the East.

The Jerusalem and Tel Aviv destinations on the map were chosen by the Jerusalem Tourism Board based on their relative proximity and quality.

The city with the most tourists?

Tel Aviv’s Haifa has a large population of Israelis who travel frequently to the country, and Haifa is a popular destination for Israelis living in Israel and abroad.

According to the Jerusalem tourism board, Haisha hosts more than 2 million tourists each year, making it the country’s second-largest tourist attraction.

The top 10 most-visited cities in the Middle East are: Amman, Jordan; Beirut, Lebanon; Amman (Jordan); Cairo, Egypt; Doha, Qatar; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

In the Western Hemisphere, Chile hosts the world’s most tourist destinations, with more than 14 million visitors annually.

The list includes places like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and the capital of Mexico City.

The United Arab Emirate hosts a large number of tourists in the Western hemisphere.

Its capital is in Abu Dhabi and the city of Abu Dhabi is in the United Arab Dubai.

The U.S. is the second-most-visitable country in the world with more tourists than the next three countries combined, with nearly 2.4 million people visiting the United States each year.

The number of Americans visiting the U. S. has grown since the end of the Cold War, with Americans making up more than 70 percent of all international visitors in 2016.

According the Jerusalem tourist board, the United Kingdom hosts more tourists per capita than any other country, with the number of Brits visiting the country rising by more than 10 percent from the end at the end, to more than 3.5 million people.

The tourism board also listed other destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

In addition to the top 10, the Jerusalem board included a number of other popular destinations in other parts of the world.

The world’s best destination is Japan, with Tokyo (the country’s capital) topping the list.

Other popular destinations include Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Taiwan.

In Canada, Edmonton is a favorite destination with Canadians visiting the capital often spending more than $50,000 per year.

While Canada has a reputation as a liberal city, it has a very high rate of crime, poverty and unemployment, according to a report from the World Economic Forum.

The report also noted that Canadian cities tend to be more popular with foreign visitors because of their proximity to other major metropolitan areas, including Toronto and Vancouver.

The World Economic Group said Canada’s reputation for economic openness is an important factor for its attractiveness.

“Canada has a strong reputation for openness and a strong relationship with its international partners,” said WEG President and CEO Lars Schaller.

“This has helped the country to be a great place for investment and tourism, as well as the country as a whole.”

The most-expensive city?

New York City.

It’s a city that can be expensive to visit for those wanting a relatively inexpensive experience.

The average cost of a New York trip to a hotel is $1,500, while the average cost for a New Yorker to visit the city is $2,000, according the Jerusalem travel board.

In a city where there are so many options for tourists, the average price per person is $11,000.

The least expensive city?


The cost of going to Tokyo for a one-night stay is $9,000 for a first-class ticket, while a one night stay in a hotel for the average person costs $3,700.

Tokyo is a city of 1.3 million people and boasts a population of 2.2 million people, according Tourism Tokyo.

According it, Tokyo has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the developed world, and a median income of $65,000 annually.

This has helped Tokyo to become the second most popular city in Japan.

The next most popular cities in Asia?

Singapore, which has a population roughly the size of New York.

The country’s economic status has improved since the 1990s, with its economy expanding more than four times between 1996 and 2014, the report said.

However, the region is still considered one of Asia’s poorest countries.

The Middle East is the region with the largest number of Arab tourists.

The region hosts nearly

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