Why the luxury spa at South Australian beach is called The Spa

The spa at the beach in South Australia is a spa with a “luxury” name, it has been revealed.

Key points:The Spa at South Australia’s South Coast has been named after the Victorian town of Tranquility Spa, where it is basedA local business has been asked to remove the nameThe spa’s owners say it’s a tribute to the Victorian village of Tracquility SpaThe business has not responded to requests for commentThe Tranquilty Spa at Tranquil Beach in South Aucklander has a spa-like facility in the middle of the beach, but the name is a tribute, according to owners The Spa at the Beach in Adelaide.

The business that runs the spa has not commented on the name, which was initially posted on social media.

“It was just a little bit of a name we made up, and it has since been taken down,” the owner of The Spa At the Beach, Andrew O’Neil, told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“We are just trying to get it taken down.”

The name has no bearing on the place, it’s just the name that was chosen and the name has nothing to do with the place.

“This is the name of a community.”

The name “The Spa” was chosen because of the location of the spa and the history of the village, Mr O’Neill said.

“I know Tranquile is a little more modern than the other villages around here, but Tranquilias roots go back to Tranquily Beach in the 19th century,” he said.

Mr O’Neal said the name was taken from the Tranquillity Spa, a spa built in Victorian times.

“When I was in high school, we were taught that Tranquilia was a town in Victorian Australia, but in reality it’s actually Tranquelife Beach, and that’s where it all started,” he told ABC Adelaide.

He said it was not his idea to change the name and he was unaware of any local businesses who had expressed interest in taking the name down.

The owner of the business, Paul Mackey, said he had been contacted by a local business and was working with them to remove it.

“They are trying to put a name on it, and I am sure it will be taken down by the community,” he posted on Facebook.

“You are talking about a small business and it’s all very quiet, but it’s got a community behind it.”‘

They are a bit of an embarrassment’The town of Trawer, about 100 kilometres from the spa, was the first to take a strong stance against the name change.

“If we don’t get our names changed and we are not a part of this community, then I think it’s an embarrassment,” Mayor Rob Trawey said.

The Trontham District Council said it had contacted the local authority and that it was in the process of contacting other businesses to remove their names.

“These businesses are a very important part of the community and we welcome all businesses to take part in the Trontha Bay Business Walk,” the council said in a statement.

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