Why we’re dying of heartbreak and anger over Canada’s drug bill

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the opioid crisis, with the country’s premiers pledging to increase access to drugs and tackling the supply side of the problem.

And there’s a lot to be angry about, too.

But there’s also something really simple and hopeful about the fact that, while we’ve seen the rise of opioids in this country, we’ve also seen a lot more people taking care of each other.

We’ve seen families come together to look after each other, and to look out for each other in difficult times.

In fact, we have a really high rate of opioid deaths in this province, and we’re seeing that across the country.

We’re also seeing a really low rate of overdose deaths, and overdose deaths have actually dropped by 20 per cent over the past five years, which is really encouraging.

But while there are many things we could do, there’s something really beautiful about the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, who are working hard to make sure we don’t have to suffer from the opioid overdose crisis that is already taking a toll on our health system and our families.

And I think it’s a really beautiful thing.

In Newfoundland and I would say anywhere, the people are really doing what they need to do.

I think that we need to take a hard look at what we have in place and make sure that we can have a healthy, safe, compassionate society.

And the fact is, we’re in a much better place now than we were when the last crisis hit.

The federal government’s plan to change the Criminal Code to allow for more access to prescription opioids by the age of 25 has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of opioid-related deaths in the province, from about 1,000 to about 600.

The government is working to bring more people into the system, but it’s also making it more difficult to get prescriptions for the drugs.

And so while there’s certainly been a decrease in overdose deaths across the province in the past couple of years, there is still a great deal of concern about the number and the severity of the opioid-drug dependency in the community.

We know that there are a lot fewer opioid-dependent people in Newfoundland and the government is trying to make the drug-overdose crisis as safe as possible, but the fact of the matter is that the number one drug in the country is fentanyl, which has a very high and very destructive potential for addiction and overdose, and it’s been found to be a powerful, highly addictive drug.

So we know that the federal government needs to change its approach and change the way it is doing business.

But it also needs to understand that, if we really want to make it a safe and prosperous place, we need all Canadians to be in control of their drug use.

And that means that we have to be looking at what our drug policies look like in the 21st century, and that means we have drugs like OxyContin, which have such a high potential for abuse, and so we have crack, which in some ways has a much lower potential for misuse and abuse than opioids.

We have heroin, which we know has a huge impact on the lives of our young people, and is also a drug that is incredibly addictive and very dangerous, and there are things that we’ve done over the years that have made a huge difference in the lives and the health of our communities, and a lot has changed.

The Liberal government has committed to reducing prescription drug costs and increasing access to medications like Opana and Cialis, which help people get off opiates, which reduce overdose deaths.

And we’re also making progress with our approach to opioid-overdoses.

And one of the things that I think we need most is a national strategy to look at the issue of prescription drug addiction and help families and communities work through the issues that they are facing and help them recover from the addiction.

The NDP has also committed to supporting families who are struggling with prescription drug abuse, so that we don

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