How to Get the Most Out of a Pool Spa Shooting at Orlando’s Inflatable Spa

There’s a reason why people keep coming back to Orlando’s newest attraction.

It’s an inflatable pool.

Orlando-based company Fluid Fitness and spa owners Lola Bowers and Lacey Larkin decided to try and replicate the feel of real-life pool-based pools.

They decided to build a giant inflatable water slide out of foam and then build an inflatables enclosure for their guests to ride on.

According to the company, the “ultimate pool experience is a magical one.”

The company was able to pull off the feat in a matter of hours, and it was all done in less than $150,000.

Bowers and the other partners had to go through a lot of research and research to get the ball rolling.

Bowers, who has a master’s degree in physics, wanted to design a “perfect” floating pool, and the company decided to spend six months working on the design.

They wanted to create something that was both “a true pool experience” and “perfect for a family,” according to Bowers.

The company has had success in the past with inflatable water slides in other places, including London, Sydney, Shanghai and New York City.

The inflatability concept isn’t entirely new.

The company’s inflatably themed water park, The Fluid Zone, opened in New York in 2013.

“We’ve been making inflatatable water slides for a long time, so we really wanted to do something that’s new, unique, and has a completely different feel,” Bowers told ABC News.

The team spent months designing the inflatablized water slides, which are basically inflatable inflatable boats.

The boats can be built to hold up to five guests, and there’s a “deck” at the top to support the guests.

The inflatation pool design has a lot to offer the public, but the real star of the show is the inflatable ride itself.

Bows and Larkin said that the inflateable water slide “has a great amount of fun, is completely customizable, and is a great way to experience an experience that can’t be found anywhere else.”

The company said that their inflatating pool is now up and running at their other Orlando-area facilities.

It can be found at the Fluid Spa, the Water Park, the Inflaterium, the Splash Pad, the Parkland Resort, and The Flamingo.

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