What you need to know about the new Ballston Spa and spa in New York City

What you should know about Ballston spa: Ballston, NY – A new spa, spa, and bar is coming to New York.

We caught up with the owners to get their thoughts and experiences.

[1:55] The new Ballstons Spa and Bar has been in the works for years, but it’s finally here.

The owners, who have been working on this project for years say it will be their first time opening in New Yorks.

The new facility will be located at the Ballston Tennis Club, a private club owned by former New York Yankees great Alex Rodriguez.

They hope it will serve as a stepping stone to a bigger, more expansive venue, which is currently under construction in Brooklyn.

[2:05] The Ballston is a two-story building, with a bar and a small kitchen that will feature live music, wine tastings, and a cocktail bar.

The Bar will be a more intimate space with more than 20 taps and a full bar, plus a bar on the ground floor.

The owner of the new ballstons spa, woodhouse, says the renovations will include a new look, as well as better customer service.

[4:06] The first-floor space is expected to open by the end of summer.

Woodhouse says they’re still working on pricing, but they’ll probably be starting at $350 per night.

[6:07] The location of the Ballston is not exactly a secret.

Wood said they didn’t announce the location until they were able to meet with the City Planning Department, but the Ballton will be just across the street from the new Barclays Center.

The Ballstony will be open all summer long, and Wood said there will be an indoor bar and dining area.

[7:07.5] Wood says they will be welcoming all types of people.

There will be yoga classes, a yoga studio, and other classes.

Wood says the bar is a little bit more reserved than the Ballroom, but that they’ll still be welcoming the community.

[9:21] Wood also said the renovations are coming together on time.

They expect to have the ballroom and dining room open this summer.


Wood said the Ball stons spa is currently in the process of obtaining a liquor license.

They will be accepting drinks from May 31 through June 30.

[13:08] Wood said in addition to the new facility, the owners are also working on an expanded bar and restaurant in the building’s basement.

The bar will feature wine tasting and a large kitchen that can host live music.

Wood hopes to open in June, and they are also looking into a food truck that will run throughout the year.

[17:55.5.1] Wood has a number of other new ventures under his belt, but he said the ballston is the biggest one yet.

Wood, who was born in Connecticut, said that he’s been inspired by a lot of places that he has visited.

He said Ballston will be something special for people of all ages.

[19:25] Wood is currently involved in a number other projects, including a new building in Long Island, New York that will include an entertainment center.

Wood’s other ventures include a food cart, a small business, and an online dating service.

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