When you’re a ‘sassy, friendly, helpful person’: The secret to a long life

An Israeli spa has a slogan for people with disabilities: “sassy and friendly.”

Sasha Kalka is a 32-year-old who was born with a condition called cerebral palsy.

He had a pacemaker implanted when he was just 10 months old, and his parents wanted him to live a normal life.

But when Sasha was diagnosed with cerebral palsys, the pacemaker broke, and doctors told him to have a new one.

“They told me it was not possible to keep it up and said that if I got sick, I would die,” Sasha told The Jerusalem Mail.

“I have a history of feeling a lot of pressure in my life, so I really struggled with that.”

He now uses a wheelchair, but his parents say he has no problems.

He has no trouble walking, talking, or even walking around the house.

His parents said he has a normal sense of humour, and says that he is happy in his new home.

“I have so much energy and I feel so happy,” Sasha said.

“Everything I do is really relaxing, even sitting on the couch.

It’s a beautiful place.

I can see the trees, see the sky and the sky is the best.

It feels so wonderful.”

His parents are now helping him get used to the new wheelchair, which he uses to go up and down the stairs, to play games and to do his shopping.

He says he enjoys his new wheelchair much more than he used to.

“When I was a little kid, I had a hard time getting around the city because of my condition,” Sasha explained.

“When I got to university, I was able to get around more easily.

Now, it is more like a dream.

I have more energy and a feeling of freedom, which is great.”

A spa in Israel has a similar slogan for its clients: “Sassy and helpful.”

Ava Ben-Avraham, a mother of two with cerebral and muscular dystrophy, said she was overwhelmed when she discovered that the spa was offering a service that was “so good for both disabled people and the people around them.”

“I think that I’m doing well, but I don’t know,” she said.

“I just want to enjoy my life as much as I can.

I’m happy with everything.”

She said she felt very much at home there, and that the service was very pleasant.

“You’re not a stranger in a strange land,” she added.

“You’re a part of it.

It gives you a sense of belonging, and it is very nice to have that.”

Kalka, who is now 27, said that the first time he came to the spa, he had to use a crutch to get up.

“It was very painful, and I could barely walk,” he said.

Now he uses a walker, which allows him to move around and has been helping him with his shopping and shopping.

The spa offers a variety of services for the elderly.

“Our senior clients have an hour and a half of therapy,” said Luba Kalkas.

“We also have the senior customers who have their own individual sessions with us.”

Kaleva said that she feels a sense that the community is caring for the older members of her family.

“The senior members are very good people,” she told The Israel Mail.

“There is always someone here, and they are very nice and kind, so you know that they are there for you.”

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