How to get a Blue Water Spa in Manhattan

There are a lot of places that can take your blue water spa experience to a whole new level, but there are a few places you probably wouldn’t know about if you haven’t been to one. 

The blue water is usually the most sought after and pricey spa in town. 

 When you go to a Bluewater Spa, you will not only get a private room and spa, but also access to the Blue Water Pool and the Bluewater Pool Pool Lounge. 

The pool is typically the most popular, but you will also find a separate bar area and food area for the pool guests. 

What you getWhen you walk into a BlueWater Spa, what will you get? 

The bar is a bar, the pool is a pool, the BlueWater Pool Lounge is a lounge, and the Spa Room is the bathroom. 

You can sit at the bar, or at the pool table, and have your own private private room for $50 per night. 

If you are looking for a room, you can have a private shower for $40 per night, or a private tub for $15 per night and $25 for the tub. 

To be honest, this is the most expensive room in the entire resort. 

So, you are going to have to get creative and have a lot more options. 

But, the most important thing is to make sure you book before you book, so that you get the best deal possible. 

Here are a couple of tips to make your BlueWater spa experience a little more unique: 1.

If you book your room, make sure to ask for a complimentary tour of the spa. 

BlueWater Spa is known for their great rooms, so ask for the tour and you can make sure it includes the spa and its facilities. 

This can also be the best time to book a private viewing of the Bluewaters pool, which is also part of the SpaRoom package. 


Don’t forget to book the pool area. 

When I was in NYC, I got a free tour of one of the pools in the Sparoom, but I was told that it was a very expensive pool, so I had to ask to borrow the room. 

However, I was able to borrow it for a $40 rate, which made me happy! 

The room is located on the first floor of the new hotel, so you can book your private room here. 


The BlueWater Lounge is an all-inclusive lounge that has all the comforts of a full-service spa.

They offer the same quality spa treatments as the spa room, plus a bar that you can drink your water from. 

I really like that they have a separate area for you to go and get your massage and a private private massage table for $30 per night or $25 per night for the massage table. 


There is also a private bathroom that is open to the public, but only if you book with them. 

A lot of people go to BlueWater for their spa, so it’s nice to know that they can also provide a private bath for their guests.


Some of the best deals are to book before the pool. 

There are a number of different options that offer a private spa or private pool room, so be sure to book with the best options.

The BlueWater Suite will give you access to a private pool with a pool table and an area for your private massage and private massage chair.

The SpaRoom Package is a two-hour private massage room with a private, one-bathroom room for only $35 per night (plus tax) The Bluewater Lounge Room and SpaRoom will give a full service spa treatment for only one price. 


Be sure to use the pool tables and tubs, because there are only a few of them left. 

Because the pool rooms are so large, you may have to spend more money than you expected to. 

They can usually only accommodate three or four people at a time. 


Do you have a personal trainer? 

You should definitely book with a personal therapist if you plan on going to a spa.

There are many personal trainers in town, and most of them have personal trainers who can give you a massage. 

And, most people who go to private spas will also take a personal massage to get their physicals done. 


Forget about going for a swim. 

It’s not necessary for a private swimming pool to be a private swim.

If it is a private pools, you have to use a pool slide. 

In a pool that is not a private one, you do need to get the spa to give you the full spa treatment. 


Have a spa appointment. 

Many spa facilities offer a one-time appointment, and if you need to see a doctor, that is also an option. That will

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