When Brooke Baldwin was at her peak, she thought she’d never leave Houston: ‘We were so blessed’

Brooke Baldwin, a Houstonian spa owner, remembers the time she was surrounded by the best in the world.

Baldwin, 41, and her husband, James, a Texas-based filmmaker, were living in the Houston suburb of Pearland, Texas, when Brooke started noticing an uptick in visitors.

Brooke had never seen anything like it.

“I was always a fan of people, but not people as a crowd,” Baldwin said.

“They were more like family.”

In 2014, Brooke moved to the Texas city of Katy and opened her first spa in the upscale Pearland neighborhood.

It was a natural fit for the couple, who both had their own interests and passions.

“It was something that really hit us in a positive way,” James Baldwin said, describing the day Brooke Baldwin visited.

“We were very blessed that she came here.

She came to see us, and it was a great time.”

James Baldwin said he didn’t expect to see such a large number of people visiting the Pearland spa.

He was just thankful for the positive vibes he saw.

“She didn’t want to be the person that was the worst person in the universe,” James said.

“Brooke had so much love for people,” Brooke Baldwin said of her husband.

“She was like, ‘Oh, I love you guys.'”

Brooke Baldwin, center, and James Baldwin, right, are seen at a Houston spa in 2016.

James Baldwin had been working in Hollywood as an assistant director of a production company.

Brooke Baldwin is shown here at a Katy home in 2016, with James Baldwin.

James Baldwin and Brooke Baldwin in 2017.

Brooke was on her way to Paris for her husband’s birthday, and Brooke was in town to celebrate her mother’s 75th birthday.

She and James began working with other people who were struggling with substance abuse issues.

Brooke said Brooke would often sit in on sessions with clients.

“If you’re struggling with addiction, you want to see a person who’s a good, positive person,” James told CNN.

James and Brooke shared a passion for making people feel loved.

They said Brooke’s passion and love for her patients was contagious.

“There was a very strong bond between us and her,” James recalled.

“The people who saw her were so touched by Brooke’s spirit and her love, and we loved to see it,” James added.

James said Brooke enjoyed meeting new people, especially in the entertainment industry.

Brooke would get to see new faces.

James said Brooke was often asked how she felt about other people.

“Her attitude is just, ‘This is what I want to do for people, to make them feel loved,'” James said.

“I think it was amazing,” Brooke said.

Brooke and James are seen here on the set of their new film, The Love of My Life, in 2016.(Courtesy of Brooke Baldwin)Brooke’s husband, the late James Baldwin III, said he was also drawn to Brooke.

“We just felt a lot of love for one another,” James remembered.

“Brooke was so good.

She was like a little angel.””

We didn’t get to meet too many people who we loved, because we were always so busy,” James explained.

James, Brooke, James Baldwin and their daughter, Ashley, who also worked as an actress, all attended the same high school.

James was one of the most prominent Houston-area celebrities, having starred in the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton.

James was also a well-known Houstonian musician, singer and songwriter.

He played in several bands, including the Houston Symphony, the Houston Riff Raff, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Texas Jazz Players.

“In the world of the arts, I think James Baldwin was a pioneer,” James Jr. said.

James Jr. was the son of James Baldwin Jr., a Houston television and radio host and Houstonian actor.

James Jr., who is now in his late 50s, said his father was a hard worker and devoted father.

“He worked as hard as anybody I know,” James Sr. said, recalling his father’s dedication to his family.

James Sr. is the oldest son of Brooke and James.

He said his dad was a family man who never lost sight of his work.

“That was his life,” James, Jr. added.

“It was a passion.

I think he had a passion and a heart for the work.”

Brooke in 2017 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Brooke’s husband was the legendary actor, actor, singer, producer and director James Baldwin (center).

James Baldwin died in 2016 at age 81.

Brooke, now in her 60s, had become a stay-at-home mom, a role she continued in 2017, when James and Brooke moved from Houston to San Antonio.

“My dad had such a great sense of humor, which was

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